Article about canoes and kayaks

Canoes and kayaks are two different things. A canoe is an open vessel whereby a person kneels o sits while using a single-bladed paddle. A kayak, on the other hand, is a closed vessel and the person uses a double-bladed paddle while sitting down with his or her legs extended.

Preparing for kayaking and canoeing tips

Try before you buy

Consider hiring or borrowing equipment because paddling is expensive, ensure that you enjoy kayaking and canoeing before buying your own equipment.

Join a club

If you want to learn paddling faster, join a local club. You can as well learn through reading, reading can reduce injury risks and improve your skills.

Be a competent swimmer

Before trying kayaking and canoeing, you should be a good swimmer so that in case anything happens, you can save yourself.

Basic kit for canoeing and kayaking

Below are some of the things you should never forget when going paddling.



Personal flotation device

Appropriate clothing

Appropriate paddle

Spray deck and wetsuit booties

Items not to forget when canoeing and kayaking

A waterproof bag containing clothes

First aid kit

Mobile phone inside a waterproof container

Pack of energy drink

Repair kit

Extra equipment for sea kayaking

Spare paddle, waterproof floating torch, compass, marine radio, signal devices and a bailing device.

Safety suggestions for kayaking and canoeing

Make sure you know about potential risks

You should know how to paddle

Wear your flotation device and helmet

Know how to use a first aid kit

Consider checking weather conditions before paddling

Dress well

Never paddle alone

Drink a lot of water

Ensure that the equipment is in good condition

Things to keep in mind

The best way to learn paddling is by joining local clubs

Kayaking and canoeing involve paddling

Make sure you are well prepared for the activity ahead of you.